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Book Tasting: True Stories

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This week, I thought I would delve into some true stories, two that focus on unusual stories and one that tells a well-known story from a different point of view.

Black Elk Speaks: Being the Life Story of a Holy Man of the Oglala Sioux as told through John G. Neihardt (Flaming Rainbow), 1932. Black Elk Speaks is a telling of the Holy Man’s life, but it is much more. Many readers say it has a profound impact on their lives. It is not without controversy either; some believe it was embellished by John Neihardt to make it more marketable. Some Oglala Sioux have complained that it does not accurately represent their beliefs. It is still a powerful story.

I will let the opening lines of the book serve as an explanation as to what it is and why it was shared:



 Never Cry Wolf: The Amazing True Story of Life among Arctic Wolves by Farley Mowat, 1963. The author accepted an assignment to find out why the wolves were killing off caribou. This is the story of the time he spent in the arctic observing the wolves. It is a story of adventure and discovery, told with humor and affection.

For an excerpt and more information:






















The Astronaut Wives Club: A True Story by Lily Koppel, 2013. "As America's Mercury Seven astronauts were launched on death-defying missions, television cameras focused on the brave smiles of their young wives. Overnight, these women were transformed from military spouses into American royalty. They had tea with Jackie Kennedy, appeared on the cover of Life magazine, and quickly grew into fashion icons." -- from the dust jacket. Critics describe the book as "fun-loving" and "delicious" for "Mad Men lovers." 

For more information and an excerpt:


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